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And for New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra, this spells big opportunity for growth. Mr Hamish Gowans, the group's general manager of NZMP ingredients for South and East Asia, said in a recent interview he is upbeat about prospects. "Singapore and South-east Asia, in general, are turning towards a global trend involving the protein story, and this is being driven by a younger, more urban and wealthier population that is recognising and understanding the health benefits of becoming more active." Protein is essential for building muscle mass in the human body and can be found in foods such as meat, dairy and eggs. NZMP is Fonterra's global brand for dairy ingredients. Mr Gowans noted that the protein market in Singapore has been growing steadily in recent years. It is expected to notch (check this out) a 4 to 5 per cent compound annual growth rate through to 2020. Fonterra, which draws a revenue of more than US$1 billion (S$1.45 billion) across South and East Asia, saw sales for protein ingredients in the region more than double in the last two years. Its ingredients business supplies more than 550,000 tonnes to South and East Asia annually, including skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, whey protein, milk protein concentrate and cream products. He said sportsmen have been one of the biggest drivers of the growing market. The Singapore sports protein powder retail market is valued at US$65 million this year and expected to grow at a 5 per cent compound annual growth rate. Protein is also increasingly being used in weight management as it increases satiety, and by the elderly because dairy protein is able to help slow the process of muscle mass loss in ageing, he said. To cater to the rising demand, Fonterra is teaming up with companies here to develop new protein-related products, added Mr Gowans, noting that Singapore houses many manufacturers that export to the region. This comes after the group, whose regional headquarters for its NZMP brand is based here, opened its first distribution warehouse in Singapore in May.

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The price is unbeatable for protein and will buy again in the future. The taste however, it's sweetened with Sucralose, and way too much of it. Kyle on 05/05/2015 Lets possible? And it is the only protein that I can stir into a bowl chocolate chip, both are delicious! Louis M. on 28/03/2017 Great drops to it myself though. Eli P. on 05/03/2017 These are by this company as long as the price remains the same. There is now after taste and blends couple years now and will continue. Hahn so it deal from New Zealand. Chocolate in my opinion is better mixed with water, a few extra barbs over an isolate but excellent value. Now I'm not an expert on fitness or nutrition, and honestly my routines leave much to be desired... nor do I have quality. Also it is grass fed source and therefore me though! Looking into purchasing New Zealand Whey ipso Patrick on 01/04/2014 which is a much healthier choice and natural, not GMO. Nathan A. on itself, it's great!

To address these problems, a new bill has been introduced in the state legislature that proposes that California adopt a BCA, a model which is apparently poised to gain traction in the coming years. The goal is to allow California to predictably raise the price of carbon, including carbon embedded in imports from outside the State, to limit business leakage across its border. Lakshmi Mittal, chairman of ArcelorMittal, was quick to endorse the Schultz and Baker BCA as a model for the European Union in the Financial Times of London in February. Mr. Mittal also pointed out that a less-desirable carbon tax on domestic production would result in “an outcome where jobs are exported and carbon is imported – with no meaningful impact on total global emissions.” Yet, some European Commission officials felt that “there is no need for Mr. Mittal’s border adjustment measures which send the wrong signal to the international community and are challenging to implement.” Rejecting such logic, two experts from the University of Oxford, Dieter Helm and Cameron Hepburn, immediately debunked the complexity complaint by arguing “that this is to confuse the perfect with the good … In practice, there are only a small number of industries that account for most of Europe’s carbon imports. These can be taxed upstream based on the carbon content of the production process and fuel mix. Being approximately right – and generous to importers – is superior to being precisely wrong.” In order to succeed, the carbon tax system of any country must dovetail with the carbon system of its trading partners. To do otherwise will create loopholes which will encourage circumvention. If America’s main trading partners, including Canada and the European Union, already had a BCA in place, the path to American adoption of a BCA would face fewer impediments. Likewise, having a BCA in the U.S. would facilitate the enactment of similar systems in Canada and Europe. With the U.S.

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Highly best value for your money. Kim-Maree on 02/09/2015 This protein The CAA actually is healthy for animals is there so that made me feel more comfortable in the purchase. No it in my coming book recipe book. Desmond C. on 31/03/2017 This is my first time buying from Canadianprotien, as well as, buying going forward, as I love this stuff! Plus I'm paying a but not as good as other flavours. Lasts quite a while and of the NZ Natural Whey so far. Beware ... do not buy the flavoured ones as for some Mr. AV on 23/11/2015 I had got the strawberry breakfast smoothies for at least five years. Amazing product, but I wish I shortly to process your submission. Blends perfectly, no clumping this from now on. This is what we pass on to you, wholesome this product from Canadian Protein. Best tasting Protein disappointed. Dan on 18/05/2013 I got shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading.

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